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April 18: Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS

April 19: Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS

May 6: Provincial Council Day: NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

May 16: Local Teacher's Branch Meeting Day: NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS 

May 23: Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS and STAFF

We are pleased to have 6 choirs performing at this year's Fredericton Music Festival.  We hope you will be able to attend and support the students and teachers at the festival. 

The following classes are performing at the Tom Morrison Theatre at FHS:

  • Harmony Choir - Monday, April 25 @ 9:30am
  • Boys' Choir - Tuesday, April 26 @ 9:00am 
  • Ms McKillop's Grade 1/2 class - Wednesday, April 27 @ 9:30am (Choral Speech)
  • Grade 3 Choir (3C, 3FIC and 3FIW) - Thursday,

Schools in ASD-W, Zones 3-9, are closed today due to anticipated weather.


Please see the attachment for information on the next block of our Milk Program.

Due to weather and road conditions, schools in ASD-W are closed today. 
Please drive safely if you have to go out!


The District Education Council (DEC) needs individuals committed to education and good governance.  The provincial DEC Manager and others will be available to answer questions about the role of the DEC and becoming a candidate.